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Cocktail Infusions

Introducing INFUSED. Cocktail Creations!

We've spent the past 1.5 years crafting and perfecting these recipes to give you the best in cocktail infusions. Made using only the best in organic fruits, sugars, herbs, and spices, you can now create Top-Shelf cocktails at home with ease. All you need is your favorite spirit, a sealable jar & an INFUSED. Cocktail Creation.

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Smoked Old Fashioned KitStarter Smoked Cocktail KitSmoking Saucer SetSmoking Duo KitSpirit Infused Wood Chip Refills (3 – 8 oz)

Turn your favourite cocktails into smoking showstoppers and level up your bar with a range of locally designed and manufactured cocktail smoking boards & kits by Spirits with Smoke.

Start Your Smoked Adventure

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Don't just take our word for it.


"I gave this to my fiancé for his birthday and he absolutely loves it. His friends all got together and smoked old fashions all night. They already asked me to send them the link so they can buy their own. Came wrapped so professionally and the quality is incredible. Highly recommend."

Smoked Old Fashioned Kit - Geoff

"Just arrived and my husband could not wait until Christmas so it’s being used as we speak. Huge hit already."

Home Bar Smoking Board - Jake

"Great gift for Father’s Day! Works beautifully and the wood chips were so aromatic! It gives your cocktails a good dose of smoke! We love it. I already bought another one to give as a gift!"

Smoking Saucer Set - Cathy

Why Add Smoke?


Harness the power of fire and create a stunning and captivating experience as the flame works to add a layer of complexity to your cocktail.



Smoky flavour is not merely your taste buds working in overdrive; it's a team-up of aroma, texture and taste, creating an inviting cocktail you will be proud to show off.


Who Are You Buying For?

Owns Everything

For the already established bartender who prides themselves on an impressive bar setup, and is now looking to add a unique touch and a new element to their handcrafted smoked cocktail arsenal.


Starting Out

For those looking to build their bar the right way, from the start. Spirits with Smoke's carefully curated collection of top-quality bar tools, cocktail smoking boards, & kits are a perfect choice every cocktail enthusiast.


When to Add Smoke?


Capture the smoke before you pour your drink, and flavour your entire cocktail from your first sip to your last.



Add the perfect finish touch to your cocktail with a burst of aromatic flavour and a presentation your guests won't forget.


Get Smoking In Style

Cocktail Torch

Make sure your cocktail ready with your own cocktail smoking torch.
*Note butane is not included

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