Top Five Beers To Drink On St. Patrick's Day

Top Five Beers To Drink On St. Patrick's Day

There are a few days out of the year that truly stand out. Of course, there is the obvious: Christmas, New Year's, or Halloween. However, in my opinion, one of the best days of the year has to be St. Patrick's Day. (And no, not just because it's right after my birthday).  


Unlike the other holidays, St. Patrick's Day is genuinely for the everyday man. Christmas is often fraught with family drama you can't escape. New Year's is a night of high expectations and low returns. Halloween, while amazing, can take a person weeks of preparation and lots of cash. Not to mention the clean-up the next day.  


St. Patrick's Day, on the other hand, is all about friendship and camaraderie. Originally celebrated to mark the arrival of Christianity to Ireland, it has morphed beyond its religious history and now embraces all things Irish. But the best part isn't the green shamrocks, green t-shirts or the (ugh) green beer. The best part is the simple luxury of sitting in a pub with your closest friends and enjoying the day over a well-poured pint. 


However, while green beer always seems like a good idea at first, do yourself a favour and drink a good brewski this St. Patrick's day. Trust us; your body will thank you come March 18th.  


So, without further ado, here are our five favourite beers to sip on St.Patrick's Day: 


Cabin - Into The Dark 

Full disclosure, this is one of our favourite craft breweries out there. An outstanding brewery quickly becoming a staple in Calgary, you can't go wrong with anything on tap. However, in the spirit of St. Patrick's day, we suggest choosing Into The Dark. They proudly announce their take on a classic stout with " No gimmicks. No adjuncts. No fruit. No lactose. No baked goods or spices or double dry-hopped tomfoolery." It's just a damn good stout, and isn't that what you want on St.Patrick's Day?
Cabin Beer - Into The Dark

Guinness Draught  

Are you truly celebrating St. Patrick's Day if you don't have at least one pint of the Black Stuff? Made from roasted barley, hops, yeast and water, Guinness Draught is always delicious with rich chocolate and coffee flavours and the signature thick, velvety head. 

Guinness Draught


Smithwick Red Ale 

Ireland's oldest beer (or so they claim), Smithwick, has been around since 1701. To put that in perspective, Canada was founded in 1876. It is slightly sweet and toasty, with a caramel-driven flavour and an excellent lighter red ale. Perfect when you have more than one pint. 

Smithwick Red Ale

Left Field Brewery - Goldpanner Smoked Black Lager

It would be weird if we didn't have one smokey element on this list. This is why Goldpanner Smoked Black Lager from Toronto Brewery Left Field is a new favourite! Their much more exciting take on the lager is roasty and dark, with a faint hint of smoke and a crisp finish. Dark like a stout, drinks like a lager. 

Left Field Brewery

Uncommon Cider - Dry Craft Cider 

For those who can't stomach more than a couple of pints of beer, switching it up with a cider is always a good idea! Uncommon Cider is an urban cidery known for pushing the boundaries of your traditional cider. Their flagship, the Dry Craft Cider, is perfect for enjoying on a warm spring day! Crisp, dry and oh-so refreshing, Uncommon Cider is the ideal palate cleanser between heavy Irish stouts.