Top Essential Bar Tools

Essential Bar Tools for Everyone


In the past two years, people around the globe have been spending a lot more time at home. We now have to look around and see how we can bring the things we love and miss into the places we have been spending so much time. With this in mind, Spirits with Smoke has graciously asked me to discuss how to start building a home bar so you can enjoy those fantastic cocktails without having to mask up or present your QR code.

First things first, we need the tools required to make your cocktails. Below is a list of essential tools for almost any cocktail, all of which you can find on Spirits with Smoke’s website:


Jigger: You must have a tool to measure your ingredients to get that perfect flavour profile and avoid overpouring. We prefer the Japanese Jigger, but there are a number of different types to choose from.

Copper Boston Shaker Set

Shaker Tin: This is the container needed to combine and stretch all the ingredients of your creation. “Stretching” refers to the way you mix your ingredients; nine times out of ten, it’s either a shake or a stir. Shaking is key for cocktails with heavier elements like juices, syrups, or egg whites. The heavier components need a more lively mix. There is a wide selection to choose from, so pick the one you like the most depending on what cocktail you are making.

Cocktail Mixing Glass

Mixing Beaker: If your preference is martinis or old-fashioned, you need a mixing glass. The spirits don’t need as much mixing, so stir to chill and mix. Pick a style you like and stir away.

Copper Plated Teardrop Spoon

Stir Spoon: Speaking of stirring, stir spoons are a staple of any cocktail bar, and for a good reason. The spoon is a great measurement tool for more delicate ingredients such as sugar, salt, powders, and certain liqueurs such as Benedictine, typically used in smaller amounts. Many classic cocktails are stirred instead of shaken, meaning a stirring spoon is required. There are different styles and sizes, so pick the one you like best or fits well with your bar.

St. George Strainer

Strainer: This tool separates the good from the bad, ensuring that when you pour your finished product into the glass of your choice, all the dirty ice doesn’t come with it. We personally love the St.George Strainer, because its a great fit with any container. 

St. George Strainer
Peeler: Arguably, the most common garnish for any cocktail is the rind of citrus fruit. Having a peeler nearby to complete your carefully crafted creation makes a good drink great.


If you stock your bar with these essential tools, then you can create the ultimate home bar experience with spare time, a little creativity, and maybe some quick google searches.

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