Top 10 Gifts For Dad’s Who Drink With Style

Top Ten Gifts for Dad


From modern glassware to classic whiskey to the bible of all cocktail books, we’ve hand-selected the finest gifts for dads who enjoy having a cool, refreshing cocktail on a hot day in June or appreciate sipping a glass of unbelievably smooth whiskey any time. It’s time to get Father’s Day ready! 



STALK & BARREL: Handcrafted Canadian Whisky:

Are you looking for a great new whisky to share with your dad? Look no further than Stalk & Barrel. The hand-crafted whisky combines the best of Canadian products and creates the perfect balance of mature corn, rye, and malt whiskies. Pouring a brilliant gold, it opens with aromas of caramel apple and white flowers; the palate is creamy with vanilla and butterscotch flavours moving into a zingy white pepper finish. Perfect for mixing or drinking straight, this whisky will be a new favourite on your dad’s bar. 

Fifth & Vermouth: Rothko Double Rocks Glasses

A great cocktail needs a great glass. Fifth & Vermouth specializes in providing the highest quality glassware for any cocktail. But if you are looking for a sophisticated glass that never goes out of style, look no further than Fifth & Vermouth’s Rothko Double Rocks Glasses. Combining the ageless art deco design with high-quality etched crystal glass, your dad will never look cooler while sipping a glass of his favourite whiskey.  


Spirits With Smoke: Smoking Saucer 

At Spirits with Smoke, we are all about people creating great, memorable experiences through great smoked cocktails. Smoking influences any cocktail’s flavour, aroma, and appearance, elevating a simple drink to something extraordinary. The Smoking Saucer Set is unique in that instead of rising smoke, the smoke falls on the surface of the cocktail, creating a striking and visual eerie lake effect. A gift your dad will want to show off and take with him everywhere he goes.  

Bartender Backpack

Cocktail Kingdom: Bartender Backpack 

The Cocktail Kingdom’s Bartender Backpack is perfect for the bartender on the go. This backpack has it all, with room for his barstools, ingredients, and everyday necessities like his laptop and wallet—the perfect gift for the dad who likes to travel and craft drinks in style.


Bartender Backpack

Lazerly: Map Coasters

Every good cocktail needs a good coaster to rest on. Why settle for a boring, plain coaster when you can have one designed with meaning? This custom set of Map Coasters from Lazerly comes laser engraved with up to four cities of your choice. Pick places meaningful to your dad, like where he grew up or his favourite fishing spot! He’ll be blown away by the attention to detail (both on the coasters and in your gift shopping!) and will be eager to show them off at his next dinner party. 


Customized Whiskey Decanter

Swanky Badger: Classic Whiskey Decanter

Help your dad elevate their drinking experience with a high-quality engraved whiskey decanter. The Classic Whiskey Decanter by The Swanky Badger lets you personalize your gift with a meaningful message that your dad will be sure to love. Not only that, but Swanky Badger commits to donating a portion of every sale to Children’s hospitals across the country. A gift your dad will be proud to show off on his home bar.


Black & Blue Bitters

Black Cloud Bitters

No home bar set-up is complete without a set of cocktail bitters that pack a punch of flavour. Black Cloud Bitters is hands down a winner. Not synthetic like other bitter brands, Black Cloud is alcohol-based, which gives these flavouring agents a pure, unfiltered flavour. Black Cloud also produces eight bitters flavours ranging from savoury and aromatic to fruity and woodsy. Perfect for the dad who likes to experiment with his cocktails! 


The Craft of The Cocktail

Cocktail Book: The Craft of the Cocktail

The Craft of the Cocktail: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Master Bartender – a title that says it all. With over 500 recipes to try, ranging from classic cocktails to contemporary twists, this book will be sure to contain your Dad’s favourite new go-to cocktail. Going beyond simply providing recipe directions, The Craft of the Cocktail delves deep into the history of cocktail lore, the dos and do nots of cocktail technique and how to have the best bar set up possible. It is a must-have for any home bartender and the perfect gift for any dad looking to improve their craft. 

OnTheRocks Ice Moulds

OnTheRocks: Spherical Clear Ice Moulds

Sometimes, freezer ice just doesn’t cut it. It can be cloudy, melt too fast, and even hold on to that smelly freezer odour. But don’t worry, that’s where OnTheRocks comes in. Their spherical or cubed ice moulds make it easy to create beautifully clear ice at home – free from air bubbles, minerals, and impurities. 


OnTheRocks Ice Moulds

GemshoGlass: Glass Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

For both the golf lover AND the whiskey drinker, look no further than these high-quality whiskey chillers and glasses from GemshoGlass. Shaped like glass-dimpled golf balls, these whiskey chillers are stunning. But more than that, it will keep your dad’s whiskey cool but not dilute his drink – so he can enjoy every sip from first to last.

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