Top 10 Bartending Gifts 2023

Top 10 Bartending Gifts 2023
Are you deep into the search for a perfect gift for the bartender or cocktail connoisseur in your life? We know plenty of lovers of crafting fine cocktails that seem to already have everything. This year, for the holiday season, we’ve hand-curated a list of original gifts that your favorite mixologist will love.

Smoked Cocktail Kit For Beginners

Is your favorite mixologist interested in creating smoked cocktails at home but hasn’t yet taken the leap and treated themselves to the necessary goods? This Starter Smoked Cocktail Kit has everything they need, and it crafts up to 150 cocktails!

This set includes three different types of wood boards (cherry, maple, and oak) for a range of flavors, along with two bottles of bitters, organic Canadian maple syrup, coasters, and a cocktail book that will have them turned pro in the smoked cocktail arena in no time.

The Barrel Top

For the bartender who’s already familiar with the craft of smoked cocktails and is ready to level up their game, the Barrel Top is a gift they will treasure.

This is a top-tier smoking board that has been crafted by bartenders for bartenders. This board features five distinct wood flavors – cherry, hickory, maple, oak, and walnut. It offers enough space to craft up to 18 cocktailat once and has a lifespanthat will span 2500 cocktails. This is the perfect gift for your favorite bartender who likes to show off a little while enjoying their craft.

Aztec Decanter and Rocks Glass Set from Fifth & Vermouth

What home bartender doesn’t love the idea of a showpiece decanter taking center stage on their bar? This Aztec decanter and rocks glass set is absolutely gorgeous, with delicately etched crystal that catches the light just right. Their favorite bourbon for making smoked cocktails is going to look amazing in this!

The set also comes with six matching rocks glasses that are roomy enough to hold a large ice sphere.

Copper Cocktail Accessories

Copper Barware - Copper Boston Shaker - Copper Japanese Jigger - Copper Tear Drop SpoonA set of matching cocktail accessories is a must for every home bartender, but there’s something about copper that’s a little extra sophisticated and sexy. Create your own gift set with a classic Boston cocktail shaker, a copper St George cocktail strainer, a sleek jigger, and a copper teardrop bar spoon. As a finishing touch, tie it all together with a bottle of their favorite spirit.

Smoking Duo Kit

This is a great kit for the home bartender who loves smoked cocktails and enjoys

the art of crafting them. The look on their face when they see everything this kits includes will be priceless. This set includes two smoking bricks, one in hickory and another in oak, three spirit-infused wood chips, a smoking saucer, ice molds, bitters, boutique maple syrup, bar tools, and more.  

Our suggestion is to be there when they open it because they’ll want to use it right away, and why shouldn’t you be their first taste tester?

Infused Cocktail Kits

The holidays are a time for entertaining, and how many of us come up short with creative cocktail ideas for our parties? Or maybe you have a friend who loves to entertain, but when the party season has been put to bed, you’d love to treat them to a specialty cocktail that they can enjoy on their own time. Spirits with Smoke cocktail infusions are a perfect, unexpected gift.

Choose from flavors like a Peach Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour, or Citrus Gin Smash. Add a bottle of their favorite spirit and a nice set of cocktail classes for a top-notch gift that they’ll love.

Gorgeous Mixing Beaker

Do they like their cocktails shaken or stirred? If the answer is stirred, this Final Touch Traditional Yari Mixing Glass will set you apart as the ultimate gift giver. The etched pattern on the glass is beautiful and classic, and this mixing glass is sold as a set with a cocktail strainer. It’s so elegant looking. And a gift that looks much more expensive than it actually is.

Deluxe Mulled Wine Set

Mulled wine is the perfect cocktail for winter. The richness and spiciness are warming, and it’s a nice break away from the usual whiskey and bourbon cocktails of the season. This Deluxe Mulled Wine Set is a gift they’ll remember with a set of gorgeous heat-safe hot toddy glasses, the perfect mulling spice blend, cranberry ginger syrup, and vanilla fig bitters. The only thing missing is a bottle of perfect red wine to go along with it.

A Cocktail Book They Don’t Already Have on Their Shelves

Every serious home bartender has at least one or two classic cocktail books or bartender guides on their bookshelf, but a unique book about their favorite subject is always a welcome addition to their collection. A couple of our favorites for gift giving are A Bartenders Guide to the World: Cocktails and Stories from 75 Places and Art Boozel: Cocktails Inspired by Modern and Contemporary Artists.

Bar Tools for On-the-Go

For the bartender who likes to take their craft on the go, this vinyl bar tool roll-up truly has it all. It features an 18-piece bar tool set that includes everything from a stainless steel Boston cocktail shaker and two sizes of Tokyo jiggers to a muddler, citrus juicer, ice tongs, and more. This is also a great gift for home bartenders without a lot of space because everything rolls up so nicely in its case.

Find the Perfect Gift and More

Don’t forget to check out our Black Friday and holiday sales at Spirits with Smoke. You’ll find great gift ideas, from stocking stuffers to showstoppers, for every bartender who has made your ‘nice’ list this year.