The Wedding Bar Guide: High-Quality Bar Service

The Wedding Bar Guide: High-Quality Bar Service


Bartending plays a crucial role in making events memorable and enjoyable. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or special occasion, having skilled bartenders can elevate the experience for guests. The mood of a wedding especially depend on the bartending service. From flavor to extraordinary presentation and engaging bartenders, let's explore various aspects of mixology for events to help you plan and hire a high-quality bar service. (aka us!).

Creating Signature Cocktails that Reflect the Couple's Style

At weddings, bartenders showcase their creativity by crafting signature cocktails that reflect the couple's style and preferences. Whether their favorite spirit is Gin, Whiskey or Tequila, by incorporating personalized elements into the drink menu, bartenders can add a unique touch to the wedding celebration. But how can bartenders create signature cocktails that leave a lasting impression on the guests?

By understanding the couple and getting to know their unique love story! This means that bartenders should consider the couple's favorite flavors, color schemes and even their happiest moments. 

With this information, bartenders can develop customized drink menus that perfectly complement the wedding theme and create a wow experience for the couple and their guests.  

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After a detailed questionnaire, We offer at least two complimentary cocktail tastings in our brand-new tasting room! Our goal is to make sure each drink reflects the couple's style and taste. From amazing cocktail presentations to sophisticated cocktails and mocktails, We ensure every guest can enjoy a great drink!

Suggesting Pairings with the Wedding Menu

Pairing drinks with the wedding menu is an essential skill for bartenders. By suggesting suitable drink pairings, bartenders can enhance the overall dining experience and provide guests with a cohesive culinary journey. For example, A seasonal food menu is best paired with seasonal drinks. Our team hand-crafts all of our cocktail ingredients, such as syrups, hand-squeezed juices and garnishes per the time of year. Focusing on the seasons ensures that your cocktails and mocktails are made with only the freshest ingredients.

Fire, Flair & Flavor

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Smoking cocktails have become a popular trend in mixology, offering a unique twist to traditional drink recipes. By incorporating elements of smoke, bartenders can enhance the sensory experience and create intriguing flavors. The process involves using a smoking device, such as our smoking saucer and our signature cocktail smoking boards. Smoking imparts a unique aroma and taste to the drink, elevating its complexity and adding an extra layer of enjoyment for the discerning palate. Smoking cocktails also provide a visually captivating presentation and offer a memorable and distinct flavor profile that sets them apart from conventional cocktails.

Great Bartenders: 

Having great drinks at your wedding is only half the battle. Enjoying them with a bit of fun behind the bar is what makes for a great experience!

Spirits with Smoke bartenders excel in their professionalism and charismatic personalities, making them the ideal choice for any occasion. With their extensive knowledge of smoking techniques and skill in the art of mixology, they effortlessly create unique and flavorful smoked cocktails that leave a lasting impression on guests. Whether it's engaging with patrons, showcasing their craft, or simply providing exceptional service, Spirits with Smoke bartenders bring a level of expertise and considerable charm that elevates any event.

Big or small, Spirits with Smoke is determined to make any wedding one to remember. For more information or a way to contact us click here