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Your friends and family deserve the best in cocktail smokers and smoker tops. Our handcrafted products, made in North America, add delicious aromas to cocktail favourites such as the Old Fashioned, Negroni, and Margarita! Give the gift that will be used again and again.

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Entertaining guests made easy with cocktail smoker kits with everything they'll need to get smoking! Our kits are carefully curated so anyone can become an at-home professional bartender within minutes of turning on the flames. Perfect for making Smoked Old Fashioned cocktails that'll have guests impressed for days!

Smoked Old Fashioned Kit
Smoked Old Fashioned Kit
Smoked Old Fashioned Kit
Smoked Old Fashioned Kit - Spirits With Smoke Inc -
Smoked Old Fashioned Kit - Spirits With Smoke Inc -
Smoked Old Fashioned Kit
Smoked Old Fashioned Kit
Smoked Old Fashioned Kit - Spirits With Smoke Inc -
Smoked Old Fashioned Kit - Spirits With Smoke Inc -
Smoked Old Fashioned Kit - Spirits With Smoke Inc -
Smoked Old Fashioned Kit - Spirits With Smoke Inc -
Smoked Old Fashioned Kit - Spirits With Smoke Inc -
Smoked Old Fashioned Kit - Spirits With Smoke Inc -
Smoked Old Fashioned Kit

Smoked Old Fashioned Kit

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Choose Your Smoking Tool

Bring back the Old Fashioned with Spirits with Smoke's Old Fashioned Kit. Spirits with Smoke has assembled Cocktail Lounge quality ingredients, cocktail smokers and tools to craft the most amazing smoked cocktails at home!

Ideal for the bartender who is just starting, the Smoked Old Fashioned Kit is easy for transport and storage and perfect for those beginning their journey to creating cocktails from home. Add intrigue and excitement to your next party in ways you never imagined. 

Customize your Old Fashioned Kit with the choice between the Signature Five Woods or the Smoking Saucer Top to infuse a unique experience into every sip. 

To further enhance this experience, we’ve provided two aromatic cocktail bitters and organic Canadian Maple Syrup. 

This kit gives you recipes and how to videos on how to make our favourite 7 smoked cocktails as well! 

Kit Contents:

  • The Signature Five Aromatic Woods OR The Smoking Saucer Top (comes with Cherry, Maple & Oak Infusion Chips)
  • Organic boutique Quebec maple syrup
  • Hand-crafted aromatic bitters
  • Sphere Ice Molds
  • Hand-turned wooden muddler
  • Copper teardrop bar spoon
  • Restaurant quality coasters
  • Recipe and instruction booklet
  • Laser engraved case for storage 

SWS Signature Five Wood Flavors:

CHERRY: Light intensity smoke. Fruity and sweet notes.

HICKORY: Medium intensity smoke. Tobacco and spiced notes.

MAPLE: Light intensity smoke. Smooth and molasses, with toffee notes.

OAK: Medium intensity smoke. Vanilla, oak, nutty notes.

WALNUT: Heavy intensity smoke. Earthy and charcoal notes.

How to add smoke:

  • Select wood brick
  • Use a torch and burn wooden brick for 30 seconds until it has an independent flame.
  • Use empty glass to cover the Flame.
  • While glass smokes, create your cocktail.
  • Strain the completed cocktail into the smoked glass.
  • Add Ice, Serve and Enjoy!

    All Spirits with Smoke products are 100% compostable and recyclable. For every cocktail smoking kit sold, Spirit with Smoke will plant one tree with the One Tree Planted Program. 


    Smoked Old Fashioned Drink sitting on a smoking board as person adds dehydrated fruit garnish

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    We've got a limited supply of our newest product line: Infused Cocktail Creations. We've used our combined 25 years of bartending experience to curate our favourite cocktails into an easy to use, drink infusion. All you need to do is put the organic fruits, herbs & raw sugars into a container with your favourite spirit, & "Let Time Be Your Technique."

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    We've partnered with some of our favourite brands to get you the best in cocktail garnishes, syrups, and bitters that every home bartender needs in their bar!

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    Unlock the flavors of cocktail smoking with the perfect wood chips. Discover bold, delicate, and adventurous options for your cocktail smoker. Experiment with smoking durations to intensify the taste. Join mixologists in pushing flavor boundaries. Ignite the flame and elevate your cocktail creations.

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    Elevate classics like the Smoked Old Fashioned with oak-infused richness or the Smoked Margarita, a delightful blend of walnut-smoked tequila and tangy lime. Unleash your creativity with different wood varieties, experiencing a fusion of smoke and spirits that promises a realm of new flavors

    Smoked Recipes

    Smoking Tools

    Transform your cocktails with Spirits with Smoke's Smoking Saucer Set – sustainably crafted, travel-friendly, and perfect for up to 300 cocktails. The 4” Diameter saucer fits any glass, with three wood chip flavors, cocktail bible, coasters, and instructional recipe videos to get you smoking right away.

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