The Best 5 Smoked Cocktails For Whiskey

The Best 5 Smoked Cocktails For Whiskey

As smoked cocktail devotees, we’ve crafted drinks with just about every spirit imaginable with our smoking boards, and trust us; we’ve enjoyed many of them. Still, there’s something about a smoked whiskey cocktail that stands out from the rest. There are so many great whiskey cocktails to experiment with by adding a little smoke, but we found these five smokey whiskey cocktails to offer a little inspiration for your next cocktail crafting session.

Campfire Cocktail

By Olive Magazine

This campfire cocktail is fun, tasty, and perfect for those chilly nights sitting around the campfire with a nice whiskey cocktail to help keep things toasty. With this recipe, the smokiness comes from the toasted marshmallow that serves as the ultimate cocktail garnish, but our suggestion is to add maple smoke when crafting these tasty adult treats


Classic Smoked Manhattan

By Miss Allie’s Kitchen

We love this classic smoked Manhattan recipe because it shows cocktail lovers how to craft smoked cocktails without any fussy equipment. All that’s needed is bourbon, sweet vermouth, your favorite bitters, and some nice wood chips and smokey aroma. If you’ve never enjoyed a smoked whiskey cocktail before, this is a great introduction.


The Smoked Cherry

Bourbon, cherry, and smoke are a combination made in heaven. It’s difficult to argue that there’s a trio of flavors that complement each other more than these three. This cocktail also features the flavors of sage, brandy, and Campari, making it a much more complex cocktail than the name implies.



Smoked Rosemary Blackberry Whiskey Sour

By Mighty Mrs.

We came across this fun, festive cocktail and had to try it. We have to say that we were not disappointed. With this cocktail, the rosemary garnish is smoked to add a unique depth of flavor and release all of the oils from the herb. We decided to level it up a notch and use a smoking board with it, too. Cherrywood smoke is a perfect complement to this cocktail.


Double Smoked Maple Old Fashioned

By The Inspired Home  

The Barrel Top - Spirits With Smoke Inc -

When it comes to smoked whiskey cocktails, the old-fashioned is a true classic. This cocktail recipe takes a few liberties with the classic version and adds real maple syrup to the mix. This cocktail calls for the most classic of bitters – Angostura, but we think Aranacia Orange Vespucci bitters or Winter Spice bitters really make this cocktail pop.



Say Cheers with a Smoked Whiskey Cocktail

Smoke and whiskey are perfect partners in crime, and there are endless ways to enjoy the two of them together. From classic to creative, the perfect smoked whiskey cocktail is waiting for you.